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Soul Focus Is Unlike Any Other Optical Shop Out There. We Pride Ourselves On Standing Out And Allowing Any Person To Be Able To Channel Their Artistic Expression Through Unique, Exclusive, High Quality Handcrafted Frames You Can’t Easily Find Just Anywhere. Unlike Mass Produced And Brand Name Focused Manufacturers, Our Experience And Passion For Eyewear Enables Us To Offer Products That Makes An Individual Be Able To Feel That What They Are Wearing Is Essentially Just As Unique And One Of A Kind As They Are. Their Lenses Too, Are Extremely Special And Important And Should Be Treated As Such. We Handcraft And Custom Edge And Mount The Customers Lenses On Site Using The Finest In Lens Edging Equipment Which Enables This Meticulous Craft To Be Done In Under 10 Minutes, Yet With The Highest Precision And Accuracy Provided By The Optician’s Hand Finishing Touch.
We Like To Live By The Saying “wear Your Glasses, Don’t Let Your Glasses Wear You.” No One Should Have To Hide Behind Their Glasses. They Are A Part Of You, So Embrace Your Artistic Individuality And With Quality Handmade Eyewear Designs From One End Of The Spectrum To The Other. We Don’t Want To Limit Ourselves In Any Aspect Of Our Lives, Especially When It Comes To The Eyes, The Window To A Persons Soul.
Shery Abbassi Always Expressed Herself In A Different Way. Her Passion For Helping People Embrace Their Uniqueness Started When She Began Her Career In The Optometry And Optical World In 2012. Shery Stays True To Her Genuine And Down To Earth Personality No Matter What The Circumstance, And Believes That True Happiness Will Only Be Found When We Allow Our Souls Break Free And Finally Live Freely. We Are All Individuals And Should Never Fear Showing Our True And Real Selves. Our Sole Focus At The End Of The Day Is To Help Others By Any Means, So In A World Where Everything Tends To Conform And Mold Us To Its “standard”, We Can Instead Stand Out.

We have the perfect pair of shades for you.


Shery Abbassi, ABOC

Shery Was Born And And Raised In Germany And Moved To Laguna Niguel With Her Mother, Father, And Sister Samone. She Has Worked In Optometry For Almost 10 Years, Working For Multiple Private Practices From Optician To Practice Manager Until She Followed Her True Passion For Helping People Through Her Strong Presence And Success In The Optical Field. Shery’s Passion And Expertise Combined With Her Love For Art And Drawing And Engineer Type Mentality Has Driven Her Strong Success Over The Years. She Is Meticulous And Precise When It Comes To Anything And Everything To Do With Frames, Lenses And Contact Lenses, And Analyzing And Handcraft Cutting And Edging Spectacle Lenses. Given The Nickname “surgeon Of Frame Repairs”, Shery Can Take Anything That May Look And Feel Unrepairable To Some And Gently Craft It Back To Its Original State. Shery Has A 3 Year Old Daughter, Leila Whose Is So Proud To Be The Mother Of, And Strives To Provide The Best Quality Of Life For Leila. Shery’s Hobbies Include Drawing/sketching, Listening To Music, And Going To Concerts And Spending Time With Her Family.